Hello and welcome to My Darlings and Me. I'm Debra, mummy to my little darlings Oliver {5} and Lydia {3}. Along with my hubby, we live in a teeny tiny house in West Yorkshire, England.

I started my little blog in February 2012 as a place to write about our family life. But just a few weeks later I discovered an obsession love of baking... cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, pastry... and that actually I'm not too bad at it! So here I document and share all my recipes with little bits of beauty and life thrown in here and there too.

{I like} baking cakes, buying make-up, being lucky enough to work part-time, scarves, reading, statement necklaces, inspirational quotes, holidays in the sun, shopping, taking photos, gorgeous shoes, Spa days, spring, eating chocolate.

{I don't like} peanuts, rain, my tiny kitchen, having to dye my hair to cover the grey, negativity.

So this is my little slice of life, my happy place. Sit down and stay a while, I'd love to get to know you.